Moving With Kids

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When Moving With Kids

If possible, bring your kids along when you look at houses. It is great for them to be a part of the entire process -- and it helps you know which is the perfect place to call home when you can envision your child(ren) running around in the yard.

Remember it is always important to project a positive attitude to your kids.

Manage your stress level and don't let the kids see you get upset.

Buy a special gift for your child - an address book is a great idea and that lets them gather addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of their friends and family.

If you're moving to another part of the state or to a different state, make sure to show them where it is located on a map - and together, you can Google some of the wonderful place and things to do in your new neighborhood.

If you a moving to a location with a different climate, remember to highlight the wonderful outdoor activities that will be available to them when they move to their new home.

Gather information on the sports or other extra-curricular activities and teams in your new city - purchase a t-shirt for that team, start watching that team play and become big fans of the local sports teams.

Before you move, hold a going-away party for your child. 

Put together a scrapbook/photo album of the old house.

Before the move, let the kids select paint colors for their new room and decide on new furniture or how to arrange their old furniture in the new room.

Take your child to visit his or her new school and arrange to meet the teachers.

When you move into your new home, begin a new keepsake and encourage your child to write about his or her hopes and expectations at the new home.